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[October 26, 2016]

Would you like to work for RNFBC as our dedicated Fundraising and Donor Relations Manager, then please read more..

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[September 16, 2016]

2016 Bursaries now closed
If you are a successful applicant, please expect a congratulatory email by the end of October.  Just remember you are all winners in our eyes!


[January 6, 2016]

Education Celebration with Dr. Lynn Stevenson
The Education Celebration with Dr. Lynn Stevenson was the first event recognizing the work of the RNFBC and the TFE in providing funding for education.

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[January 4, 2016]

2015 Bursary Winners Announced
All bursaries for 2015 have now been awarded and the winners' names can be found in Bursary Info and Application page.  Please remember that even if you were not successful in securing a bursary this year, please do not let that deter you from making a new application in 2016.

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Supporting tomorrow’s nurse today!

The RNFBC has been providing bursaries for nursing students for 37 years. Last year, the RNFBC provided $133,000.00 in bursaries to 124 recipients. The RNFBC, like many other non-profit organizations, is experiencing more challenges in receiving adequate returns in its capital investments and in raising new moneys in donations. The next few years will continue to be more challenging. The RNFBC Board will work hard to reach more potential donors and to reach a broader potential donor base. We hope that you will support the RNFBC in its efforts to assure an ongoing ability of providing needed bursaries for nursing students.

The cost of nursing education has and continues to rise. Nursing students are finding it more challenging to complete their nursing education. An RNFBC bursary can make a significant difference for many nursing students. The RNFBC would like to assist more nursing students in the future but will require your support. Donating to the RNFBC will assure ongoing support for nursing education in British Columbia.

Meet a Proud Bursary Winner

April Bakonyi - On the Value of being an RNFBC Bursary Winner

If you ever wondered how important your support to RNFBC is for aspiring nurses, we would like to introduce you to April Bakonyi.

After graduating in nursing in 2007, April Bakonyi worked for four years in Toronto on a medical surgical floor. In looking to fulfil more of a leadership role April decided to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner. The role of a nurse practitioner appealed to her because of the increased autonomy, critical thinking and unique nurse-patient relationship.

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