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2023 Bursary Impact

In 2023 we received 1625 completed applications for bursaries and distributed $190,000+.

We are very grateful to the many donors who make this work possible. Without their support, none of this work would be possible. We also thank all the nurses and nursing students who applied for support. We wish each and every one of you success in your studies and your future career.

Here are some excerpts from letters of thanks which illustrate what support from RNFBC means to our students.

….”I am an Indigenous woman who does not come from generational wealth. I recently moved to Vancouver for the midwifery program at the peak of unaffordable housing and ever-increasing inflation costs. I was raised by a single mother who supported five daughters, and I am a middle child. My two older sisters have children, so when my mom died two years ago, I became the care provider for my 16-year-old sister. I live paycheck to paycheck and access community services. I do not have any financial safety net and do my best to prepare for unexpected financial costs. This award money I am so appreciative of and will go towards developing an emergency safety net, medications, and groceries. “

Bellis and Children and Women’s Health Centre Bursary

“I take this opportunity seriously and it will help me pay for my education, but it also makes me feel supported by the belief in me to do well academically. It is inspiring that people invest in the future of Canada’s healthcare, especially when we are all living in a post COVID-19 era, so these opportunities are more important than ever. I am incredibly thankful for this bursary as it alleviates a good portion of stress from the high costs of tuition and textbooks, especially since all the courses are using brand new textbooks released from this year, rendering it impossible to buy books second-hand.”

Frederick & Elizabeth Willett Estate Bursary

“I am thrilled to be the recipient of the Vivian Grantham Memorial Bursary awarded by RNFBC. Thank you so much for your generosity! This scholarship helps me tremendously as I undertake full-time studies at the graduate level.”

Vivian Grantham Memorial Bursary

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to be the recipient of your generous bursary award. This bursary will help considerably with my tuition for the semester to come, and I am so grateful for your support.”

Kenneth Clark and Ellen Woolfitt Undergraduate Bursary

“I am most grateful for your financial support. As much as words can say, this aid truly makes a difference in the lives of nursing students, even though it may not be readily apparent. It is with sincere hope that your continued generosity will inspire future nurses in training to excel and care for others in ways that portray your kindness and thoughtfulness.”

Lee, Ure, Bell Memorial Bursary

“Your generosity helps alleviate some of the financial burden associated with my studies, as I am having to work full-time to pay for school and keep up with the increasing cost of living. Once again, thank you for the bursary. I look forward to the day when I can”

Sutherland Foundation Bursary

“It has been both scary and exciting to learn the various skills in the acute care setting. My previous career was in the social services field, working in services that provided supports to the vulnerable population here in Vancouver. My goal in nursing is to work in the acute setting to develop adequate skills and to eventually go back to work with the marginalized communities in Vancouver. Your generosity is allowing me to pursue my goals while minimizing financial stress and I will forever be grateful for this.”

Beverly McLaughlin Bursary