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About the RNFBC

Nurses are fundamental to the success of our healthcare system in BC. That is why the Registered Nurses Foundation of BC (RNFBC) was formed: to address the financial costs associated with nursing education for nurses and nursing students through bursaries.

With the rising demand for nursing professionals and a surge in vacancies—over 1,000 at any time in BC—the need for comprehensive education and advanced training has never been more pressing.


Bursaries awarded in 2023


Bursaries awarded since 2012


Annual bursary goal

As we navigate an era where the aging population and retirement of seasoned nurses coincide, RNFBC is stepping up to bridge the gap by funding the future of nursing. Our bursaries support all levels of nursing education, from diploma beginnings to advanced master’s and doctoral studies as well as certification in specialty areas.

The challenges are many, with nursing programs in BC facing waitlists and a pressing need for more nurse educators. Yet, our commitment remains unwavering. Through our bursary program, we aim to lessen the financial barriers to nursing education and help address the critical shortage of nurse educators.

Together, we can ensure that our community’s healthcare needs are met by well-educated, skilled nurses who are ready to deliver exceptional care. Your support is crucial, enabling us to continue our mission for education, advancement, and excellence in nursing.

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About the RNFBC logo

The RNFBC logo, inspired by the traditional origami crane—a symbol of peace and health—reflects the core values of the nursing profession. It thoughtfully integrates historical nursing symbols; the wings echo the traditional nursing cap, while the crane’s white and blue hues pay homage to classic nursing uniforms. The wings symbolize flight and integrate the wings of the caduceus, aligning with RNFBC’s dedication to propelling nurses forward in their educational pursuits.