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St. Joseph’s (Victoria BC) SoN Alumnae Association Bursary

Established to honour and give thanks to the Sisters of St. Ann for their long history of providing for the sick and to encourage the education of nurses. This bursary continues to be supported by the alumnae.

Bursary Information

Level: Certificate, Graduate, Undergraduate
Area of study: Baccalaureate Program & Advanced Education

Special requirements

Graduate of the St. Joseph’s SoN (copy of diploma) OR spouse, child, sister, brother, grandchild, and anyone else related by birth or adoption to the graduate. (Required proof: Photocopy of the graduate’s diploma and/or letter of explanation including relationship.)

If no suitable candidates meet the above requirements, the bursary award will be awarded to a student from Vancouver Island.

Past Recipients


  • Courtney Anderson (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  • Jane Carson (University of Victoria)
  • Lisa Wilson (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Tamara Barnett (York University)


  • Ali Manning (Camosun College)
  • Christine Dolomount (Vancouver Island University)
  • Eliza Hall (Vancouver Island University)
  • Gianna Basso (Royal Roads University)
  • Katherine Morrison (Vancouver Island University)
  • Lamia Bayan (Vancouver Island University)
  • Lisa Wilson (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Megan O'Reilly (Vancouver Island University)
  • Rachel Schueler (Vancouver Island University)
  • Samantha Buckingham (Camosun College)


  • Andrea Bissonnette (University of Northern British Colombia)
  • Gagan Thind (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Katherine Lyster (Thompson Rivers University)
  • Savanna McDonald (University of Victoria)
  • Shae Littlejohn (University of Victoria)
  • Tessa Cardy (Camosun College)


  • Karis Jonat (Trinity Western University)
  • Savanna McDonald (Vancouver Island University)
  • Tanya Christie (Camosun College)
  • Tembi Jonat (Trinity Western University)


  • Alexandria Marshall (University of Victoria)
  • Opal Desmarais (University of Victoria)
  • Savanna McDonald (Vancouver Island University)
  • Vanessa Barr (University of British Columbia)


  • Brittany Hildahl (University of Victoria)
  • Caryn Dooner (University of British Columbia)
  • Courtney Ellis (University of Victoria)
  • Elsa Webb (Athabasca University)
  • Hayley Diakiw (University of Victoria)
  • Kira McLeod (University of Victoria)
  • Misha Sojonky (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Nava Friedmann (Camosun College)
  • Savanna McDonald (Vancouver Island University)


  • Auden Neuman (University of Victoria)
  • Carly Merrick (Vancouver Island University)
  • Caryn Dooner (University of British Columbia)
  • Chelsea Reimer (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  • Meaghan Beatty (Camosun College)


  • Andrea Wright (Camosun College)
  • Auden Neuman (Camosun College)
  • Britney Hearn (University of British Columbia)
  • Brynn Brown (University of Victoria)


  • Alexandra Irving (Camosun College)
  • Ashley Gueret (University of Northern British Colombia)
  • Lareine Kantor (Vancouver Island University)


  • Anne Gebert (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Danielle MacLeod (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Nicole Egslear (University of the Fraser Valley)


  • Michelle Friberg (University of Victoria)


  • Melissa Nuttall (University of Victoria)

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