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Record Number of Bursary Applicants

On September 18 the 2023 bursary application process closed.  While we saw 1627 students apply for support, we were only able to provide 197 bursaries.

The demand for healthcare services has been rising due to factors like an aging population and increased healthcare needs. As a result, there’s a greater need to train and support nursing students to fill these gaps in the healthcare workforce.

Pursuing a nursing education can be expensive, with tuition fees, textbooks, and other associated costs. Many nursing students require financial support to complete their education and enter the workforce.  Faced with high levels of stress and pressure during their education and clinical placements many students also have to make a choice between tuition, books and food.

As the President of RNFBC, I get to see the impact of generous donors every day.  We need you to join our growing list of concerned British Columbians who value our nurses and recognize that supporting more nursing students with higher value bursaries will help address the nursing shortage more quickly.

By helping to relieve the financial burden of achieving their dreams and limiting student debt, you support student mental health and well-being and give students the time and space to focus on their studies.

We invite you to join our valued group of donors in supporting the future of nursing by making a one-time or regular donation.