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Rural Nursing Passion

“I immediately fell in love with nursing when I started the program. I am extremely passionate about improving rural health care.”

Caitlyn is in her fourth year of nursing following a degree in biochemistry. She received a 2020 bursary that was matched in partnership with the BC Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries-NE Area and the Registered Nurses Foundation of BC.
Caitlyn adds: “travelling in rural northern placements has also shown me how important it is to continue supporting students and nurses in the north because the need for health care professionals and services is so great. I am so incredibly grateful for this bursary… especially in my final year with many extra expenses being out of my home city for all of my practicums. Receiving a generous bursary makes it much less stressful in these challenging times. It encourages me to work that much harder to achieve my nursing goals and to one day be able to pass on this kindness to communities in need. I appreciate this opportunity so much!”

Caitlyn nears the completion of her nursing studies and hopes to “advocate for those in rural communities… Being in these rural northern placements, I see staff working miracles each day.”