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I am inspired to be a nurse

I am a first-year student in the University of British Columbia’s accelerated nursing program. I am beyond grateful for the bursary as it will help to alleviate some financial stress. I am honoured to receive this award in honour of the two nurses Clarice Lee and Katherine Ure, and Wesley Bell who received great care from his nurses. Not only is the bursary a relief financially to help me to pay for tuition, but also inspires me to continue down this road and work hard to become a competent nurse who can make a difference in people’s lives. My time in nursing school so far I have seen the large impacts that I can make on others as a nurse, and I am thrilled
to be a part of a profession that is so vitally important. I couldn’t thank you enough for this gift, I appreciate it wholeheartedly and I am inspired to be a nurse as dedicated and distinguished as both Clarice and Katherine and the nurses who lovingly cared for Wesley.

Thank you for creating this bursary, I am so grateful.

MacKenzie Hollett