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Indigenous Nurse Education Bursary

The RNFBC Indigenous Nurse Education Bursary has been created to support the nursing education of students and the advancement of nurses in their educational pursuits, who identify as and have ties to Indigenous peoples of Northern Turtle Island (Canada) and reside within the colonial borders of British Columbia. 

In its launch year in 2024, this bursary will support three nursing students enrolled in an LPN program.  We invite applications from students entering or currently enrolled in an LPN program at any accredited institution in BC.  

A fundamental aim is to ensure that the criteria offer straightforward access and a transparent, supportive, and respectful application process for Indigenous peoples that honours Indigenous ancestry. Based on guidance from Indigenous nurse educators and clinicians, applicants will be asked to articulate their Indigenous heritage and to convey their connection and engagement with their community.

In alignment with the RNFBC process, all completed bursary applications will be entered into a randomized draw. Following a random draw of three bursary recipients, an Indigenous nurse-led working group will review the applications and confirm that eligibility criteria have been met.

Applicants are asked to provide documentation as they wish and/or self-declare their Indigenous heritage and share, as applicable, their ongoing connection and involvement with their community in their own words.  

Bursary Information

Level: Diploma
Area of study: LPNs

Special requirements

  • Provide a written statement, in your own words, describing your Indigenous heritage
  • Link to share, if wished, documentation regarding your Indigenous heritage
  • Provide a written statement, as applicable, of your ongoing connection or involvement with your community

Past Recipients

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