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Registered Nurses Foundation of BC

Registered Nurses Foundation of BC (RNFBC) creates and manages bursary funds that originated from board members.

  • Founders Award: This bursary was established in 2009, with an allocation of matching funds from the RNFBC operating surplus for the first $30,000 donated, to commemorate 30 years of RNFBC history and honour the many volunteers who have worked for the RNFBC to enable financial support for nursing students.
  • Research: Established with a motion from RNFBC member Pat Cutshall, to use $10,000 in surplus for a separate trust fund to support nursing research. It was further supported by donations from the former Nursing Research Interest Group of RNABC.
  • Indigenous Nurse Education Bursary: This fund was created to support the nursing education of students and the advancement of nurses in their educational pursuits who identify as and have ties to Indigenous peoples of Northern Turtle Island (Canada) and reside within the colonial borders of British Columbia. Members of the RNFBC Board of Directors created the fund based on guidance from Indigenous nurse educators and clinicians.

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