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Bursary Recipients 2016

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In 2016, there were 138 recipients across 34 bursaries.

American Woman’s Club of Vancouver Bursary (3 recipients)

  • Amy Sprangers (Camosun College/University of Victoria)
  • Kristina St Amand (University of Northern British Colombia)
  • Stamatina (Sami) Syskakis (Selkirk College)

BC Health Education Foundation Legacy Bursary (2 recipients)

  • Carly Derpak (University of British Columbia)
  • Lyndsay Lazzarotto (University of British Columbia)

BC Occupational Health Nurses Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Myrla Amper (British Columbia Institute of Technology)

Bellis and Children and Women’s Health Centre Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Kerri Norman-Laver (Athabasca University)

Carol Winter Memorial Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Kelly Schutt (Trinity Western University)

Challenge Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Lukas Hestvik (University of British Columbia)

Clark Woolfitt Undergraduate Award (1 recipient)

  • Morgan Abery (University of the Fraser Valley)

Doree Family Memorial Bursary (2 recipients)

  • Arielle Brown (University of British Columbia)
  • Katherine Shields (Selkirk College)

Douglas Memorial Bursary (3 recipients)

  • Jasveen Dhaliwal (University of Toronto)
  • Jeffrey Danielson (University of British Columbia)
  • Katrin Eisenhardt (University of Victoria)

Dyck Memorial Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Lexi Sparrow (University of Northern British Colombia)

Founders Award (1 recipient)

  • Melody Kotze (University of the Fraser Valley)

Grantham Memorial Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Heather Gesner (University of British Columbia)

Green Bursary (4 recipients)

  • Kimberly Andreassen (Athabasca University)
  • Melanie Starzyk (University of Northern British Colombia)
  • Natalie Murphy (Athabasca University)
  • Valerie Murphy Moore (University of Northern British Colombia)

Helen Margaret King Memorial Bursary (6 recipients)

  • Adigo (Angela) Achoba (University of British Columbia)
  • Catherine Haney (University of British Columbia)
  • Christine Dy (University of British Columbia)
  • Irma Cehic (University of British Columbia)
  • Margaret Stadnek (University of British Columbia)
  • Tyrone Maguire (University of Victoria)

Holmes Bursary (2 recipients)

  • Eric Starr (University of British Columbia)
  • Eva Perjes (University of Victoria)

Kergin Baccalaureate Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Nour Abdalla (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)

Lee Bell Ure Bursary (2 recipients)

  • Caitlynn Benson (College of the Rockies)
  • Salamata Bah (University of Northern British Colombia)

Lockridge Bursary (10 recipients)

  • Alyssa Shook (Athabasca University)
  • Crystal Zaghloul (University of Victoria)
  • Janelle Halldorson (University of British Columbia)
  • Jillisa Byard (University of British Columbia)
  • Kim Rawkins (Athabasca University)
  • Leah Lambert (University of British Columbia)
  • Margaret (Maggie) Parsons (London University International Programmes)
  • Marina Kolar (University of British Columbia)
  • Rachel-Lea Donegan (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Valeria Moshchenko (University of British Columbia)

Missionary Sisters Of (1995) And (1996) The Charity Of The Immaculate Conception Bursary (2 recipients)

  • Linh Nguyen (University of British Columbia)
  • Pamela Turnbull (University of British Columbia)

Murphy Memorial Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Rebecca Irving (University of Northern British Colombia)

Paulson – Code Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Mariko Miller (Athabasca University)

Ratsoy Memorial Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Kristine Byers (University of British Columbia)

Research Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Michelle Penny (Simon Fraser University)

RNABC Nursing Education Bursary (11 recipients)

  • Casey Robinson (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Colleen Moore (Camosun College)
  • Daniela Rubino (Athabasca University)
  • Dwayne Potenteau (North Island College)
  • Emily Scheller (College of the Rockies)
  • Hayley Moreau (Camosun College)
  • Jacqueline Schuler (Camosun College)
  • Josephine (Josie) Robertson (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Julie Oltmann Plesner (University of British Columbia)
  • Kaylie Osborne (Thompson Rivers University)
  • Sinead Power (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)

Royal Jubilee SoN Alumnae Association Bursary (2 recipients)

  • Jennifer Phillips (University of British Columbia)
  • Katelin Munro (University of British Columbia)

Sinn-Archibald Memorial Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Hannah Bilodeau (Selkirk College/University of Victoria)

South Fraser Chapter 2004 Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Abigail Ayuson (Trinity Western University)

St. Joseph’s (Victoria BC) SoN Alumnae Association Bursary (4 recipients)

  • Andrea Wright (Camosun College)
  • Auden Neuman (Camosun College)
  • Britney Hearn (University of British Columbia)
  • Brynn Brown (University of Victoria)

Stoddart Bursary (23 recipients)

  • Ajit Kaily (Douglas College)
  • Alexandra Howorth (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Allison Krejan (University of the Fraser Valley)
  • Anna Freyter (University of British Columbia)
  • Cassandra Howlett (University of British Columbia Okanagan)
  • Catherine MacLean (College of the Rockies)
  • Corinne LeMercier (Camosun College)
  • Elizabeth Green (University of British Columbia Okanagan)
  • Emanuela Dumitra (Trinity Western University)
  • Hayley Maharaj (University of Northern British Colombia)
  • Heather Day (University of Northern British Colombia)
  • Jordanna McGregor (University of Victoria)
  • Joshua Duncan (North Island College)
  • Kathleen Brown (Camosun College)
  • Lena McFarlane (University of British Columbia)
  • Mikaela deBalinhard (Thompson Rivers University)
  • Molly Cheng (University of British Columbia)
  • Sarah Gredzuk (College of the Rockies)
  • Stephanie Krebs (Selkirk College)
  • Tiffany Chesley (University of the Fraser Valley)
  • Tong Lei (University of British Columbia Okanagan)
  • Victoria Yui-Min Kan (University of British Columbia)
  • Willow Franco-Belanger (Camosun College)

Sutherland Foundation Bursary (7 recipients)

  • Alex Thi (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  • Amandeep (Aman) Tiwana (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  • Carla Danielson (University of Victoria)
  • Christina Rogers (University of Northern British Colombia)
  • Jay Williams (University of British Columbia)
  • Kristi Knox (Vancouver Island University)
  • Michael Thompson (Athabasca University)

Vancouver General SoN Alumnae Association Bursary (13 recipients)

  • Alexander Lovely (Lakehead University)
  • Carrie McKellar (Langara College)
  • Christina Macdonald (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Christine Gillespie (Royal Roads University)
  • Danielle Hamilton (Selkirk College)
  • Emma Siegmund (University of Victoria)
  • Jacqueline Robinson (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Julia Overton (Trinity Western University)
  • Karen Ford (University of Victoria)
  • Katie Lovely (North Island College)
  • Kya Milne (Athabasca University)
  • Mariel Spence (University of British Columbia)
  • Michael McCue (Camosun College)

Willett Estate Bursary (25 recipients)

  • Amanda Raynard (Okanagan College)
  • Benjamin Neufeld (University of the Fraser Valley)
  • Brandon McKay (University of British Columbia)
  • Carson Martin (Selkirk College)
  • Catherine Jaranilla (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  • Cedar McMechan (Camosun College)
  • Cybelle Lonogan (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  • Emma Williams (Camosun College)
  • Hayley VanStrepen (Vancouver Community College)
  • Holly McLeod (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Katrina Khan (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Katrina Verigin (Selkirk College)
  • Kelsey Compagna (Vancouver Island University)
  • Manisha Dhiman (Vancouver Island University)
  • Marissa Young (Camosun College)
  • Melissa Bartley (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  • Natalie Lane (University of British Columbia)
  • Nicole Zawadzki (University of British Columbia Okanagan)
  • Noel Jr Feliciano (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  • Paige Williams (Camosun College)
  • Sabrina Takhar (Langara College)
  • Samantha Borgstrom (University of British Columbia)
  • Sarah Cao (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
  • Torny Hansen-Bubnick (University of British Columbia)
  • Victoria Gielow (Thompson Rivers University)

Xi ETA Chapter Sigma Theta Tau Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Kaitlin Ellis (University of British Columbia)

Yvonne Andrews Memorial Bursary (1 recipient)

  • Michelle Boram (Langara College)

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